As pregnancy progress and your breasts are changing in preparation for breastfeeding you may start feeling the need to find a new bra. Each woman is different as far as when her usual bras start to become uncomfortable and no longer fit well. For some this could be as early as the first trimester others not till the end. Here are few tips for finding a bra that right for you.

The Timing Matters

If you are shopping for a bra in the early or mid stages of pregnancy choose one that fits well on the tightest band size. This will allow you to loose the band as your breasts and rib cage change with the progression of pregnancy and nursing.

However, if you are shopping for a bra close to delivery or postpartum choose one that fits well on the loosest hooks so that as the band stretches with time you can tighten it.

One Hand Test

Make sure to practice opening and closing the nursing clips one handed. You will want easy access to your breast while holding your baby so being able to unfasten the clips one handed is really important!

Get Measured Right

A good fitting bra starts with good measurements. Check out this video for how to measure yourself or have aprofessional do so at a department/maternity store (Providence boutique will measure you!).

Materials Matter

Choose a bra with materials that are breathable and comfortable to you. Seamless is best to avoid chaffing!

No Wires!

Underwires restrict lymph flow can suppress duct flow as well causing clogged ducts which could result in mastitis! No underwire is worth a painful infection!

Not Too Big

Many moms will buy a bra with cups that are to big in expectation for growth and change. While this is good to a degree over doing it will not give you the support you need and leave you uncomfortable. Leave enough room in your cups for nursing pads but only that much!

Get Plenty of Hooks

Look for a bra that has at least 3 preferably 4 hooks on the back. This will help you feel well supported.

Try Them On!

Most importantly whenever possible try on several different styles and brands. Even if you try on in the store to order online for a better price. When you do try on make sure to move around a lot to be sure it’s well fitted. Move your hands up above your head, turn side to side, lean over, imagine your carrying a car seat, crawling on the floor with your toddler…whatever you gotta do!

There you have it! Any other ideas or tips out ladies?