Many women report very vivid and sometimes even scary dreams during their pregnancy. This is very normal and has a few causes.

The ever changing and shifting hormones your body is creating can leave you with altered sleep cycles and vivid dreams. The increased frequency with which you wake up effects your REM cycles as well. These interruptions can mean you remember your dreams more than you did before.

We often process our fears in our sleep. This can leave us with scary and sometimes even irrational fears being expressed in our dreams. Many mothers dream about their babies having various deformations or birth defects. Things like a baby not having any arms, or not making it to the hospital in time.

While there is nothing “wrong” about these dreams as they are very normal and common in pregnancy they can be unsettling. If you are feeling overwhelmed or scared by these dreams here are a few suggestions.

Sleeping deeper and better can alleviate these dreams sometimes. Investing in better pillows to make yourself more comfortable can help. Calming activities before bed such as reading a book, taking a bath or having a cup of tea can do wonders.

Tell someone. If these dreams are disrupting your ability to sleep tell someone! This could be a husband, mother, sister or midwife. Just talking about it out loud may give you peace of mind and therefore make them a little less frequent. Some moms find it beneficial to write down their dreams in a journal as a way to process.

What kind of dreams did you have when you were pregnant?