Headaches can be both alarming and very normal in pregnancy. It is very important if you are pregnant and are having recurrent, consistent, severe or headaches with aura you need to call your healthcare provider right away. That being said below are a few reasons that headaches can occur in pregnancy and how you can help them.



Hormonal fluctuation in pregnancy can cause a myriad of symptoms. Particularly in early pregnancy hormone changes can be the cause of transient headaches. Women who are more prone to headaches outside of pregnancy may experience this more.



Water needs in pregnancy are super high and important! You are not only drinking enough for your own needs but also for that of your baby and enough to replace your amniotic fluid every 3 hours. You probably already know that dehydration can predispose someone to headaches. Combine this with the high fluids needs you currently have and headaches can be the result!


Electrolyte Imbalance

This goes along quite well with dehydration. Electrolyte imbalances are particularly common in hot climates where you are sweating a lot or if you are working out hard frequently. Find a healthy sports drink, coconut water or just sprinkle a little salt in your water to ease this problem!

Vision Changes

If you currently wear glasses be warned that vision can change a lot while you are pregnant. This means your current prescription could no longer be effective leaving you with headaches as a result. If you can wait to have your lens adjusted until after delivery you have a better chance of your eyes being more stable and that prescription lasting longer!

Mineral Imbalance

Being deficient in some minerals can result in frequent headaches. The most common one is magnesium. Starting a magnesium supplement if you are struggling with headaches could provide all the relief you need!


Again if you are struggling with headaches at all you need to talk to your healthcare provider right away. Headaches can be a warning sign against a more serious problem in pregnancy and this needs to be distinguished from any of the above causes. Don’t right off headaches as normal without consulting with your provider!