Whether you are pregnant and looking for care provider options, thinking of having a baby, or maybe someone you know is using a midwife you might have wondered what we do!

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about what midwives are and what kind of care we give. If you have more questions or are interested in meeting us please give us a call!

Are there different kinds of midwives?

Yes! There are several different kinds of midwives and different states call us different things. In the state of Alaska we have Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) and Certified Direct-Entry Midwives (CDM).
Certified Nurse Midwives first receive a Bachelors in nursing and then go on to get a Masters in Midwifery. These midwives offer care both in and out of hospital settings. CNM’s have a wider scope of practice and can provide well woman care beyond just pregnancy and birth.

Certified Direct-Entry Midwives go through what is typically a 3 year academic training followed by an apprenticeship for usually 2-5 years depending on the practice. After this they have to pass a board exam to receive a Alaska state license. CDM’s only work in birth center or home birth settings. Each direct entry midwives training can be a little different depending on the location and practice they worked under. Check out our staff page to see more about how each of our midwives was trained.

What kind of midwives are in your practice?

Our practice is made up of both CDM’s and CNM’s. Most clients see CDM’s for the majority of their care. We consult with our CNM for clients that require a higher level of care or need special testing/monitoring. Some insurance companies also require a CNM so these clients also receive care from her.

What do midwives do?

Midwives are an alternate pregnancy care provider for pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. As midwives we are naturally minded, working to prevent complications through a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. We approach pregnancy and birth with the mindset that it is a normal and natural experience that your body knows how to do. This does not mean we are unprepared for when complications do arise. We are like lifeguards watching patiently from shore but ready to jump in at the first sign of trouble. When complications do arise we act quickly taking the appropriate steps for optimal mother and baby health.

What does care look like?

We typically start care at about 10 weeks pregnant. We then see you at regular intervals throughout pregnancy until delivery. All labs required throughout your pregnancy are done in office. Necessary ultrasounds are ordered at the imaging office of your choosing. We care for mom through her whole labor and delivery. We then continue to see baby until 4 weeks old and mom until 6 weeks postpartum.

Who can see a Midwife?

All moms who receive care under our practice have to remain a low-risk pregnancy. This means that you have to have a normal pregnancy and delivery. If things go outside the parameters of what is considered normal this is the time to consult with a doctor or transfer care depending on the situation. We carry lots of equipment and medications to handle birth emergencies when things do outside the realm of normal quickly.

I hope that this short article answers some of the questions you might have about what we do as midwives. There is so much more that could be said about the benefits of midwifery care but I will save that for another day! If you have any questions about us or our practice please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We always love to give tours of our beautiful facility!

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