If you are new to pregnancy you might be wondering how often you actually need check-ups and what those appointments are for. Hopefully this post will clarify a few of those questions.

What Happens at my Prenatal?

At each of your prenatal visits we will check your vital signs, measure your belly, listen to his or her heartbeat and use our hands to feel baby’s growth.  Some visits will include lab work or a referral for an ultrasound. A lot of the content of our prenatals will depend on you. We allot an hour of time for each visit so you have plenty of time to ask us whatever questions you have! As midwives we care about whole body health. This means we want to know how you are doing in so many ways! We want to know if you are depressed, dealing with family stress or struggling to afford enough food. We may discuss ways to prepare for labor, nursing questions, fetal development nutrition and supplement recommendations and so much more. Our prenatals are very comprehensive, laid back and fun. We are always looking out for signs that you or your baby need extra help or care.

How Often Do I Have to Come?

Typically speaking your first official visit is scheduled for about 10 weeks pregnant. At that initial visit we go over lots of education on pregnancy precautions and do blood work. After this we continue to see you every 4 weeks until you are 28 weeks pregnant. At 28 weeks pregnant your blood volume doubled from what it was prior to pregnancy so we check your Iron levels to make sure you are not anemic.

From this point on we will see you every 2 weeks. Until 36 weeks that is!

Your 36 week prenatal visit is a really exciting visit! This is where we discuss your birth plans! Who will be at your birth, if you plan on catching your own baby, and whatever else you want to tell us! Of course birth can’t be planned like a wedding but we still do our best to provide you with an amazing labor experience as close to your vision as possible! From this point until delivery we will see you every week!

There you have it! That is the standard schedule of prenatal visits you will receive. Of course if for any reason you needed to be seen sooner or in addition we would accommodate that! Situations like that include you are past your due date, think you have a UTI, baby isn’t moving enough, etc.

Hopefully this answered some of those early pregnancy questions for you!