Peggy Halsey Midwifery Birth Center Wasilla

Peggy Halsey, CDM, CPM

My passion is helping new families get off to the best possible start as they add a new miracle to their lives. Before starting midwifery training in 2002 I was already working in the birth field as a DONA Trainer, DONA Doula, Birth Educator, HypnoBirth Instructor and Infant Massage Teacher. I believe that women have the intrinsic ability to birth their babies. My greatest joy is seeing women and families reach their potential as they birth with dignity. Great empowerment is achieved as the journey of pregnancy and birth is explored. I draw experience from my own four un-medicated births and the many I have been blessed to take part in over the years since then. When I am not at work I enjoy studying, gardening, yard work, cooking, exercise and most importantly spending time with family.

Audrey Beers, CDM, CPM

I began my journey to midwifery standing in an 8×8 shack in the slums of Manilla, Philippines. It was there holding a minutes old little boy I knew that I wanted to serve women in such a special time of their lives. Those few hours in that shack led me back to the Philippines a few years later to begin my midwifery training. I learned, worked and served in the Philippines for two years attending close to 200 births. I continue to love being with families as they welcome a new life into the world whether that’s overseas or here in the Valley. I believe that every woman has the right give birth in a safe environment with the support of people she loves. I also believe in every woman’s ability to give birth and her right to make informed decisions for herself and her baby. While my “one day” desire is to go back oversees and help mama’s have safe deliveries, I feel so privileged for the opportunity to serve each and every amazing mother that comes through our door!
When I am not waiting for a baby’s first cry I love to travel, hike, rock climb or simply curl up with a cup of tea and good book!

Adriana Hernandez, CNM, ANP


Lonnie Urban, Massage Therapy

Though I’m new to Massage Therapy as a profession, massage and manual body work has fascinated me since I was a young athlete in need of pain management solutions