Heartburn is a common complaint in pregnancy! This is caused primarily by two factors. In pregnancy digestion is much slower meaning your food sits in your stomach a lot longer than before. Secondly as your your pregnancy progresses your stomach is getting more and more compressed! These two things are a recipe for some heart burn trouble!

When you are not pregnant and dealing with this problem your fast solution may be to reach for some tums. While you can take tums in pregnancy, eating them to frequently and in great amounts can lead to calcium deposits on your placenta. Calcium deposits are basically small white spots of calcium that can be seen on your placenta after delivery. Whatever small section is covered by the calcium does not transfer nutrients and oxygen as it should.

For this reason we like to encourage natural remedies for heartburn whenever we can and save the medications for sever cases.

Here are a few ways to reduce heartburn in pregnancy:

Smaller More Frequent Meals

Eating smaller portions means there’s less food in your stomach to digest! This small change can often lead to a lot of improvement.

Avoid Triggering Foods

You will probably notice some foods cause more heartburn than others. Easy solution is to avoid those foods. Common foods that cause an issue are highly acid foods like tomatoes or spicy foods like chilli or ginger.

Separate Your Liquids and Your Solids

If you are someone that drinks a lot of water with your meals try to drink that water about an hour beofre  you eat instead. Liquids dilute your stomach acid which leads to even slower digestion of food which in turn means more heartburn! Try keeping the two separated.

Stay Up Right

After you eat try to stay upright either sitting or standing for 2 hours after your meal. This means don’t eat late at night before going to bed!

Use Natural Treatments

There are several ways to naturally ease heartburn.

Papaya Tablets: These are digestive enzymes made out of papaya that help your food digest a little faster! You can multiple of them before, during and after your meal for the most benefit. They can be found in the supplement section of the grocery store.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Pour a small amount of ACV in a glass dilute it with little bit of water (you can add honey if you would like) then take it like a shot. This can be very helpful for heartburn relief all though occasionally some women feel it makes it worse.

A Little Dairy: While this is my personal least favorite of the remedies some women do find it very helpful. If you are having heartburn sipping on a small glass of milk or slowly eating some good quality yogurt may be helpful. This is not an excuse to overdue your dairy however! So take this in moderation!

If you are struggling with heartburn always talk to your midwife about it and you can discuss both natural and pharmaceutical ways to feel a little better!

Any other suggestions? What helped heartburn in your pregnancy?