The healthy development of our babies spines is so important in those first few months of life. We have to extra careful to protect their spines prior to the baby being able to crawl as this is when much of their supporting muscles are strong enough to properly protect the spine. This comes to play in proper use of baby carriers, swings, chairs and yes even diaper changes!

Pretty much every parents changes diapers the same way. We grab their legs hold them up high enough to clean everything up, replace with a clean diaper, bring them back down, make sure everything is tight and we are good to go! The problem with this is it can put a lot of stress on the baby’s lower spine. When the spine is stressed so is the nervous system and the intestines. It is possible that this exaggerated motion of the spine that is repeated with every diaper change could be a contributing factor to colic.

Thankfully one simple change in your diaper changing technique could drastically reduce the incidence of colic for your baby. By rolling your baby side to side instead of lifting up their legs at each changing you take that pressure off their spine and intestines. Watch a demonstration of this here:

If you have a baby struggling with colic seeing a chiropractor who specializes in infants can make a huge difference in your life! Always feel free to ask us about our chiropractor recommendations!