If you are pregnant right now just let me tell you how much you are gonna LOVE holding your baby in your arms! If you have had a baby before you know how true this is. The time you get to spend with your baby snuggled on your chest peacefully sleeping is going to be so precious! However, at some point you might want to stand up and actually use your hands…

This is wear baby wearing comes in!

Women have been wearing their babies for centuries! Different cultures may use varies materials to do so but usually its pretty similar. A long strip of cloth somehow wrapped around mom and baby to keep them safe and secure.

Baby wearing options now have evolved into many different options for each mom. Often however, the most basic and traditional long piece of cloth is still the favorite.

Why Baby Wear?

  • Because they love it! And you get to cook yourself a meal, hold a book, take care of other children, fold laundry, work at your desk, go for a walk or hike….etc. The list goes on and on!
  • Babies who are worn will cry less as they usually find being worn very soothing.
  • Exposure to all the sights and sounds of the world at this elevated height increases learning and speech development.
  • Baby wearing can help regulate, breathing, temperature, cardiac rate and digestion!
  • It extends their “womb life” babies have spent the last nine months being totally surrounded by their mother. This extends that period for a while providing a smooth transition.
  • Beneficial for bonding. It’s not just the mom who can experience the bonding power of baby wearing it’s for the whole family!
  • Keep your baby healthy and keeping hands away! Going grocery shopping? Generally speaking strangers will not try to touch and kiss your baby if they are right on your chest! Keeping those extra germs at bay!

Is Baby Wearing Safe?

Baby wearing when done right is very safe! There are important factors to keep in mind for the safety of baby.

Not every carrier is safe for all ages. If you are using a soft carrier that buckles around you or baby be sure to check the safe age/weight ranges. Many times these types of carriers are not good for very small babies as they do not provide sufficient head and hip support. This also goes for certain styles of wraps if using something like a Moby Carrier.

Guidelines for Safe Baby Wearing:

  • “Kiss me!” Your baby should always be close enough in a carrier that you can look down and kiss them! (of course in a back carrier for a bigger baby this rule will not apply)
  • “Look at me!” Your baby should always be visible to you. That means no fabric covering their face!
  • “Let me look up!” Baby’s should never be “cradled” in a carrier/sling. This is very dangerous as it can restrict their airway! Keep their chins up off their chests in a “looking up” position. This also means keeping them vertical whether facing you or facing the world around you!
  • “Not me yet!” Before placing baby in sling or wrap practice doing so with a baby doll or have a second person available to help you place baby correctly. This is especially important for wraps that may require a one hand hold on baby while getting situated.
  • “Bend my knees!” To support your baby’s weight properly, promote proper hip growth and digestion your baby’s hips should remain in an “M” or “squatting” shape when being worn. That means their thighs are well supported not hanging loosely.


Also always read the instructions on your individual carrier for proper wearing techniques to ensure baby’s safety! By keeping the above guidelines in mind you should be able to find a carrier style that works for you and baby! There are so many styles out there, soft carriers, wraps, slings available in a multitude of colors and patterns so you can be stylish as well!

Did you baby wear? What type of carrier did you use? Let us know in the comments!