Many pregnant moms are afraid to eat seafood while pregnant because they are unsure what kinds are safe!

This is a shame as seafood in pregnancy has amazing benefits to your baby!

Fish is full of the fatty acids Omega 3. This nutrient is incredibly important for healthy brain development and growth! Babies who’s mothers have proper levels of this fatty acid are more likely to reach milestones quicker. Things like being able to sit up, mimic sounds or recognize faces! Sufficient omega 3 also plays an important role in baby’s visual development.

The benefits of fish do not just stop with baby. Mothers who consume regular fish also have a decreased risk of preterm birth and pre-eclampsia. Omega 3 deficiency has also been linked to increased depression levels.

So as you see fish has important nutrients for both mom and baby’s benefits. Of course it is important to consume the right kind of fish in the right portion sizes. First of all as wonderful as fish (or any seafood) is its only good if its cooked! That’s right if you are pregnant any kind of raw seafood is a definite no! That being said the sate of Alaska has put out this very handy chart to help you decide what kind of fish to eat!