Special Messages from our Moms


“Both midwives were very skilled and I enjoyed that they shared a true professional partnership that played to each others skills. My birth experience included the perfect mix of support and “hands off” time that allowed me to feel like I was able to labor and birth the way I wanted.” 

What was your favorite part? ” Feeling my own baby be born!”

“I truly appreicated all the help and my husband did as well. We could not have asked for a better experience ever. We really want to thank you all for helping to make the dream of a water birth become a reality.” What was your favorite part? “Delivering the baby with freedom in a way that we had always wanted to. She (the baby) was safe and well cared for which made us so happy.” – A mom of 4 with her first baby out of hospital. Parents caught their baby together in a lovely water birth! 

“I will never have enough positive things to say about Labor of Love Midwifery. Peggy helped me deliver all three of my sweet babies in the same amazing birth tub. Held my hips through contractions, kept me hydrated through labor, answered my sill questions whole heartedly, listened to and talked me through my emotional turmoil during pregnancy. I walked in 6 years ago looking for a midwife and left with a friend who I’ve looked up to this whole time. Thank you for all of the help, advice, and care over the years. You’re truly an inspiration.”


How do you thank someone for going above and beyond to help bring a live into this world? Two lives! I had no idea how serious a shoulder dystocia could be, but you handled it with the speed and care needed to prevent any injuries or further complications. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful everything worked out the way it did. I’ll never forget all the moments you were there for me, emotionally and physically.

Worlds Best Midwife <3,

Lots of Love- A.C. (After her 2nd delivery with us.)

Thank you for all of your help over the years with the care and birth of all three of my babies. Each and every birth was special and wonderful. Lucky to experience all of it with the same loving care and beautiful facility. Thank you again, so very much! 

My hero. Thank you, Peggy, for making my home birth a reality! What a wonderful way to bring Tess Anne into our home. A 1,000 thank you’s! xx
I was very unhealthy when i first went in and Peggy got me on the right path and I have a healthy baby girl! Thank you for helping my daughter and I.  She is strong and already rolling over since she was 5 days old.

Peggy is a great Midwife ad a wonderful person! She was the Midwife for 2 of our grand children and we highly recommend her and her birthing center. Grandaughter  pictured with her parents Zack and Alyssa.

I’ve ridden motorcycles at 200 MPH, jumped off bridges, and crab fished in The Bearing Sea but that was the most AMAZING thing I have ever experienced.


Grandmother of 3 clients – It’s the LOVE, of course!
Loving quality care. Beautiful birthing facility.
Pictured daughter-(Hannah)/SIL (Paul)/Granddaughter (Claire)
Peggy was wonderful! I am so glad that I decided to go to her for my care instead of an ob/gyn. She supported me in ways an OB never has. She went above just checking on our health. She is a friend and truly cares about her patients, their health, and happiness. I highly recommend her to everyone! Especially those who were unhappy with previous experiences in their pregnancies/births. To top it all off, her birthing center is beautiful, clean and so welcoming.
I just had my second child with the expert care of Peggy Halsey. It was the best experience I have ever had! I would recommend Labor of Love Midwifery to any of my close friends and family. Peggy goes above and beyond to make sure you feel safe and comfortable, answered all my seemingly silly questions, met with me when I was scared and was almost like family. Thank you so much!
After having 5 previous hospital births with my prenatal care feeling inadequate, I decided to look around for a CNM. I saw a lot of great reviews for Peggy and Labor of Love so I set up an appointment to discuss what I’m looking for and see what midwifery was all about since I’ve never had experience with one before. She and her staff were really easy going and listened to everything I was looking for. She made sure baby and I were doing good throughout the labor process and was supportive in the way I needed/wanted. Now I have my cutie patootie baby girl home, happy and healthy. Oh yah, free prenatal massage by an LMT! Thanks ladies 🙂

Elizabeth M.

Peggy and Audrey are truly amazing. The care from pregnancy to postpartum was wonderful. They are very caring and listen to your concerns and needs, always there when you need them. They made my birth everything I could hope for and it was a very special experience. Highly recommend Peggy and Audrey at labor of love midwifery.

Peggy is a dear friend and a professional midwife who knows what she’s doing.
“All the people I love were there with me, I had the midwives I wanted, I was calm and peaceful and in control – yet free to be vulnerable and to feel emotions. Everyone was wonderful support and it was such a great experience.”

~S.F mother of 3

”With two prior epidural hospital births I was scared to labor with no drugs. Before I always ran from the pain. This time I learned how to run towards the pain.”

~ A.J. mother of 3

“It has been an honor to have Peggy in my life as a midwife and as a friend. She has been a beautiful example of what it means to be a servant, inspiration, and encouragement to me.”

~ Jessica

Thank you for the wonderful birth that you put your time and wisdom into. You helped make the birth a blessing and a joy. Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and coaching. MM (Mother of 4)

“I was able to have a beautiful birth experience that will provide me many lasting memories! I was convinced this birth was not possible but your constant encouragement, praise and compassion helped strengthen my faith so that is was possible. I am so grateful the Lord brought you into my life.” Leslie (Mother of 5)

We felt we were in good hands being in your care and we really appreciate that. We are enjoying this new adventure! Melanie

“Peggy thank you for being part of our children’s births! You are a delight and have such a big heart! Thank you for all you have shared as we embarked on the journey of birth! It was a beautiful life changing experience!”

~ M R

“Peggy-I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me in helping Sophia come safely into the world. I am grateful the Lord brought you into our lives. I was able to have a beautiful water birth experience that will provide me many lasting memories that will be a joy to reflect upon. I was almost convinced this birth was not possible but your constant encouragement, praise, and compassion helped strengthen my faith so that it was possible.”

~ Leslie

Most caring, loving supportive Midwife in the world! Peggy treated me like I was her daughter from the time I had my ultrasound to weeks after post delivery. I could not have asked for better care and service AND I made a best friend and someone I feel is more like an Auntie to my baby and she is 7 years old now! We love you Peggy!
Christy P.


Thank you Peggy for the wonderful care during my pregnancy and we are so thankful to have had you for the birth of our beautiful son!  Tari P.



Peggy and Audrey are absolutely amazing!! the way they helped me through labor was awesome, I had the most amazing experience I could have ever asked for doing an all natural waterbirth! thank you ladies so much for all your support and comfort through it all!❤️

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“I had the most amazing experience with labor and delivery, and I owe much of this to the care and concern given at my visits.”

~ CP

“I can’t say enough about Peggy’s calm and caring presence helped us.”

~ BG

“Peggy-you have been such a great support through my pregnancies! I got the water birth of my dreams and I can’t believe it’s a girl!”

~ MS

“I felt supported by the midwives as I supported my wife in labor. They really have your back!”


Peggy, thank you so much for being the most amazing midwife.  Your support has been phenomenal and above what I ever imagined.  I’m looking forward to our next pregnancy and birth with you again in a few years.   Love you and thank you!!


We’re so blessed to have you for our birth.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

~Brit and Glenn

Mom said, ” A great experience for a first birth center birth. Wouldn’t go back to a hospital by choice.”
” He (husband) loved the helpfulness of the ladies and said ‘every birth should go that way'”

What was your favorite part? “Relaxed environment, no scare tactics, leaving 3 hours post birth.”

Mom of 3 with first out of hospital birth.

Peggy and Audrey did an amazing job helping us deliver our little one! They keep you motivated and encouraged throughout the entire birthing process and give amazing advice throughout your pregnancy. I couldn’t have asked for better people to help me through my pregnancy and birth!


Thank you both for your support through this pregnancy and birth. Although it didn’t go as we planned it went the best it could have considering. Highly recommend this sweet team!


How can you thank some one enough?! <3 We are forever thankful! The care and professionalism was top notch! I genuinely don’t have any complaints! Thank You x10,0000! 

“Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job at caring for me and baby! would recommend you to anyone!”

What was your favorite part? ” Loved that the midwives let me do my own thing and my own pace.”


“I thank you both for your kind care and helping us to feel at home away from home. I definitely recommend you to others”

What was your favorite part? “Enjoying the fabulous meal while watching you all check out and weigh baby. It was so relaxing.”

What was your favorite part? ” They really listened to me and my needs and were still able to offer great advice when needed. I also loved the time after birth I was given for bonding.”

From CL after the birth of her first baby!