If you are gonna give birth in a tub, the tub matters! You don’t want to be squished in your small tub/shower combo that you can’t even get fully under the water when you’re not pregnant! Let alone when you have a baby bump in the way! Being able to get good water coverage over your belly and back as well as having room to stretch out is important.

We are so proud of the tubs we offer at our birth center! Our two birth rooms each feature their own unique tub so you can choose the one that is right for you. We offer an extra large claw foot tub in our victorian styled “blue room” as well as a double headed walk in shower! Our naturally themed and decorated “Green Room” is home to our Japanese Soaker tub that allows you to sit, squat, kneel and so much more while still being under the water. It really is amazing!

If you are opting for a home birth with our practice we also have a lovely inflatable birth tub we can loan you!

Of course you don’t HAVE to give birth in our tubs. We invite you to move about freely and listen to you body for positioning. Even if you have no desire to actually deliver in the tub water can still be a wonderful tool for relaxation and relief.

Notice there’s no pictures of our tubs in this post? That’s because pictures just can’t do them justice and you should come and see for yourself! Call us today for a tour!