Breast milk is probably one the most amazing substances on earth! Scientists continually discover more and more about it that simply can never be re-created in a lab. Breastfeeding is incredible for the substance of it, the act of suckling has benefits for baby and nursing has benefits for mom too!  For this post lets just highlight a few of the great nutritional facts for baby.

Look at that amazing rich gold color of this moms milk on day 4!

  • Breast milk is on the front line of immune system development.  Your milk is full of antibodies that help build your babies immune system from day one. Breast milk even contains (over 200!) specialized sugars that can not be digested by your baby. The sole purpose of these sugars is to feed the bacteria in your babies gut to develop a strong gut biome. If you get sick your body develops antibodies to fight against the illness and passes those on to your baby to help provide immunity.
  • Breastfeeding for at least four months has shown to reduce the number of allergies seen in children later in life. Even in families prone to allergies to things like dairy or wheat.
  • Your milk contains everything your baby needs to grow for about the first 6 months of life. This means there is no need for additional sources of water or food.
  • A mothers milk contains millions of stem cells which aid in healing and development.
  • Scientists have found over 1,400 microRNA’s in breast milk. These help prevent diseases, regulate gene expression and also help support the immune system.
  • Milk also contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals, more than 40 enzymes, and hormones!
  • Breastfeeding has shown lower rates of  illnesses like type 1 diabetes, spinal meningities, obesity and certain types of cancers.
  • Some studies have also shown an increase in IQ with breastfed babies.

Breast milk is truly amazing! The benefits you offer your child by choosing to breastfeed (if you are able) will follow him his whole life!