Did you know that 40-60% of American women are deficient in Vitamin D? When you add in the factor of how far north we are and how we barely even get sunlight during half the year there’s a very good chance you are also deficient. Unless you are consistently taking a supplement you can almost guarantee your low.

Is Vitamin D Important in Pregnancy?

YES! Vitamin D has several roles in pregnancy that are vitally important!

  • Bone Health for you and baby.
  • Adequate Vitamin D helps prevent preterm labor and delivery.
  • Keeps postpartum or seasonal depression at bay.
  • Adequate sources can also reduce the risk of preeclampsia and infections
  • Effects proper glucose stability, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes.

Can I Eat it in Foods?

  • Studies have found the most effective dosage for vitamin D is about 5,000iu a day.
  • Vitamin D is hard to find in food as we get most of it from the sun. The few foods that do contain high amounts of D are probably not ones that you eat very frequently! Fish oils are your most high density foods of D. So eating lots of our Alaskan salmon can help but you will still need need a supplement to maintain normal levels.

What else Should I Know?

  • Vitamin D should be taken with K2 in order to prevent unwanted calcification!
  • Fetal vitamin D levels are comparable to that of maternal blood levels so your level of D effects baby’s level of D.
  • Breast milk levels of D are also similar to maternal blood levels. Keep taking your supplement postpartum as well!