Congratulations your 36 weeks its time for us to talk about your birth plan! Only one more week and you are “legal” for out of hospital birth!

First things first, you can’t actually plan your birth. While perhaps you were able to plan your wedding, a birth just isn’t the same. We can’t predict when it will start, how long it will last, the position on your baby, when your water breaks, etc…. None the less having a conversation about what you are hoping for allows us to facilitate those desires whenever possible.

At this visit you get to tell us what your “dream” birth would look like. Not sure what to even ask for? Don’t worry we will also ask you questions to spur on the conversation. Think about how you see your support people helping you. Do you like to have people touching or massaging you or do need to be left alone? Do you have any fears around birth we need to discuss? Would you like to have music or essential oils? Do you imagine giving birth in the water or catching your own baby? Who is going to be at your birth and what do expect there roles to be?

These are just some ideas to help you think about what your birth plan might entail.

We all also spend some time talking about recommended testing and treatment like GBS, vitamin K, eye ointment, hearing screening, metabolic screening and pulse ox testing. You can do research on these subjects prior to your visit to help you make informed decisions.

Another big part of this visit is to talk about what happens in the case of an emergency. We walk you through some of the most common birth complications and how we respond to them. This allows you to be informed of your decision for out of hospital birth. It also serves the purpose of letting you know what to expect if a complication does arise. This is not done to scare you! In fact its quite the opposite! But if something is bothering you after your appointment be sure and bring it up to us the next time.

Your 36 week visit is fun and informative! Its a great time for us to get an idea of how to help you during your labor. Plus it means meeting your baby is right around the corner!